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Locates a user by locating his mobile device (LBS) and provides details on the closest branch.

Locate-a-branch is a webservice which locates a user and provides relevant information to them specific to their location.

Key features:

  • The LBS offers positioning information
  • Specify the radius to be searched and maximum number of results to return
  • Straight line distances to the match is returned
  • Extremely fast

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2.SOAP call and parameters definition

1. Overview

Locate-a-branch enables users do the following:

  • Create a database their branches, manage that data
  • Manage their branches exposed through the Locate-a-branch web service
  • Keep track of successful requests made
  • Update the dataset of locations of their different branch locations
  • Map their locations (if AfriGIS Map technology is included in the package)
  • Have Locate-a-branch via USSD calls or request (This is available on request to AfriGIS)
  • Make location requests via cell phone or desktop and get response thereafter
  • Locate branches of different entities based on their location, location will be dependent on where the end-users MSISDN is located(i.e. GPS location located via LBS)

2. SOAP call and parameters definition


This is a SOAP web method which allows users to determine their nearest branch by locating them via their MSISDN (using Location Based Services) and returning a set of results. It uses a combination of preconfigured keywords together with the end user’s MSISDN to search for the closest branch in relation to user’s current location. Authentication is required when using this service

Sample request


Sample response

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