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Use the SMS API to send SMSs to mobile phones from within your application - worldwide!

Use the AfriGIS SMS API to implement SMS sending functionality into any application.

Key features:

  • Send SMSs in real time
  • Fast and reliable
  • Worldwide

1. Overview

The API exposes the sms.sendSMS service which takes two parameters i.e. MSISDN and SMSmessage.

2. sms.sendSMS service


Request parameters:

msisdn– A single cellphone number to which the SMS will be sent, in the international MSISDN format (e.g. 27825445654).
smsmessage– A maximum of 160 characters to be sent to the MSISDN. This text should be URL encoded.

Sample Request:

Sample Response:

Response Description

status – Indicates if there was an error or no error encountered. “0”=no error, “1”= error.
message – Description of the error (if the message was not sent successfully).

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